Sunday, January 23, 2011

2010 Stories

Note : Sorry for the grammar. HHA

Yesterday, i told you wanna share something right? So here is it.
So let's begin With The Name Of Allah. Assalamualaikum.

Hi. My real name is Fatin Nabila.
I was studying at STH since 14th April 2010.
I break my school's rules. It's fun!
Since i was with my best friend last year,
there's too much memories.
Laugh cry mad. They make me going crazy.
They labelled me as Joyah, Che' Nab.
Actually it's Cheqna. But yea, they like to change something -.-

When i was entering the school.
They have known me first seriously.
I was so shy in 3KAA1, at first only.
Then after a few months i was like so happy.
They make me be who is real Fatin Nabila.
Thanks guys.

My best friends last year, thanks to :
* Nur Fatin Ezzati
* Siti Rodziah
* Farhanah 'Amirah
* Amirul Aysraf
* Abu Faiq
* Muhamad Firdaus
* Danial Zaki
* Amirul Akmal
* Muhammad Saiful
* Muhammad Aliff

They make me laugh all days.
They make me calm all days.
They make me feel better.
I love you all.

My first love in STH is Abu Faiq Bin Abu Bakar.
I called him bibu.
Yea, we together for 4 months i guess.
He's so nice to me. But me?
Fuh fuh -.- I am dummy dude!
He always came out with new words.
He loves to see a smile on his friend's face
And people like him. Great Abu. IMYSM.

My second love in STH is Mohd Azuwan Bin Mohd Nor.
Another awesome guys for me. Hihi.
He taking a good care on me.
He always be by my side.
Even he's busy he always have a time for me.
Together for 6 months.
He makes me laughing out loud all days. ILY.

Third? Haha. No lh. I don't have.
How about i tell you a story about my BFF.

Amirul Asyraf always on top.
Honestly, i love him. Ehem ehem -.-
As my best budyy ever lh dude.
He's in serious relationship with Nur Fatin Ezzati.
One of my heart friends.
She's cute i swear.

Siti Rodziah? Hm.
When i'm cried she will hug me.
I miss her hug.
Her laugh make me feel better.
The joker girl Farhanah 'Amirah.
Thanks for introducing me with The Annoying Orange story dude.
Haha. Wasssssssssabi :D

Muhamad Firdaus and Muhammad Aliff.
You're annoying -.- HHA.
Muhamad Firdaus, video call with is fun dude.
Muhammad Aliff, Fatna Riccocooooolos?
Pfffffffffffftttttttttt Haha

Danial Zaki, HHA. Good friends.
Muhammad Saiful, you too. My abang right?

Guys, thanks k? Tsk tsk.
Sorry for the misunderstood before.
I really miss you guys.
But please stop put a blame on me.
I'm alone seriously.
I have no one now.
Don't make me feel so down.
I'm tired. You guys knew it right? Hm.
with love Fatna

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