Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu

Call Duration : 01:00:33
Yea, baby boo i swear i miss you more than you thought before.
I was repeating Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu song and i'm crying at the end in our call.
I was feeling so truly miss you.

Today, we didn't contact at all.
I was like " Yea, he's busy. Don't disturb him "
And all i care is you all days.
Hope you too. Tsk tsk.

Just now, i made a Super Savers like before.
We called and talked and sang songs.
I felt like flying with you in our own world.
Today was a fairytale like i wish before.
I really can't keep looking for your faults.
Fool me. I'm sorry.
You sang Semua Tentang Kita by Peterpan for me.
I'm crying.
Then, we sang Fall For You and omg i love you darling.
At last, i sang Hanya Ingin Kau tahu by Republik and i'm crying.
You're fall asleep. 
Oh gosh. Hm you must be tired right?
It's alright dearest.

Do you know i love you?
I might telling you for a thousand times but
i will keep telling you for days and nights.
It's for remind you that i still here next beside you.
Hope you too.

You promise me to sing a song when i go to SMS Johor, right?
I'll call you always.
Hope you not gonna disappoint me again.
No more fighting. Please.

I love you so much. xoxo
Good Night.
with love Bella.

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