Dobiedoo Person

Hi, stalkers! 
I'm Fatin Nabila Binti Zainal
Call me Fatna Ricco
Sixteen years old on 30th April
Proud to be Johorean
Studying at Science Johor, Kluang
I blog for telling people my life's story and for fun

I'm not wearing bracelet too much because my hand is too small for that.
I'm not using eye liner too often because my eyes gonna look bigger and my eyes are big!
So in love with my baby yellow sweater with the fluffy around head part. Cool.
Me dress up by my own style. I'm not copying anyone style.
In school, the most part i have so much is when people know me. Hate so much.
My pictures look great. Don't you think? Yea, it's just a picture.
I'm wearing a blue braces now. And wearing braces make me feel awesome. Unique me.
I just put my powder, lip gloss, blusher, mascara and tiny bit of eye liner for my make up.
I'm good at laughing but when i'm mad don't speak to me. I'm warning you.
People always interfere my problems and i was like pffffffttt. Can you guys please stop that!!
I'm not good at choosing something branded. Prefer vintage.