Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are we " EX - bff " ? :(

Dear Best Friends, Hi.
I miss you more that you knew.
You might be thinking that i'm fine.
Honestly, yea.
A few people around me make me feel better.
Please, can you please stop put a blame on me my dearest friends?
I thought that we'll be best friends forever.
You wrote " Jangan jadikan kelas kita lain sebagai alasan " before.
If that so, why it is so difficult to you guys to treat me like usual.
I'm alone babe.
How can i be myself my last year Fatin Nabila if you guys didn't make me feel calm?
Didn't treat me like you have did to me last year?
About the 10 people who make me laugh this year.
I just wrote what in my mind.
We just not getting close this year,
and trouble around us really don't make me laugh with you guys.
I wish that we still can be friends.
I'm only have a week.
I miss you guys.
Our friendship is getting desperate lately.
Give me strange.
Please, i'm alone.
with love Fatna

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