Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ordinary Boyfriend

10:00 pm
14 November 2010

Mood : Teater oooooh teater

Peh aku ni enn bila da on semula blogger mmg kije nak menaip tah pape jeee. Haha. :D New post nih nak story pasal ehem-ehem aku yg mmg super duper sayang lah tat dia.

ooooh My Ordinary Boyfriend :]
Facebook : Azuwan Catalyzer
Hometown : Taman Sri Saujana
Number Phone : 017 *stupid
Age : 15 years old
Birthday : 14 May 2010
Contact Name : Cinta *auwww

My sayang,
so this is the real story about us. Full heart story and its limited. Haha :]

Its a new day in my new school. *smk tun habab ;]
3KAA1 woot woot, memang terbaik!
Friends Teachers Studies really make me going crazy :D rawrrr Haha
Until the day i met youuuu *oooh this moment!

Hari Jumaat di dalam dewan.
I saw you sitting alone hearing to the teacher. :]
Your face is just like him *wtfffff
but you made me realize how you really attract my attention that time! :D
I try so very very hard to know everything about youuu *Jonas B
I gave you chocolates *how candy that time!
Sitting in front of the class to see you walking with your bestfriends every recess times.
Until one day i got a fight with Norle that time *wtf
and i don't care. :}

''take me away to your paradise''

''you drive me crazy''

and ''i like you'' Haha

Every day and night we waste our time texting together.
You sent me a pictures you and me. :D *fuckin loikeeeeeee Haha
You teach me a math questions.
Eating a chocolate bun at you class. *3KRK2

Until now we still together. *3months :]
Thanks god.
Alhamdullilah. :D

We standing in the rain at the school.
On Saturday 13 November,
playing guitar and sing a song for me. *loikeeee :*
hugging youuuu *auwww :D Haha

important place for us enn ennn! Haha :D
dating dating *miss it

I'm crying so very very hard a day before Deepavali.
Scared to lost you! *seriously
and no one knows my feelings *hurt that time je laaaa.

And now,
our story not end yet!
And now,
i promise to you my sweetheart!

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