Saturday, February 26, 2011

Date in 45 Minutes

breakfast dgn Izzat Ikhmal for 45 minutes
and i swear it was so dummy -.-
i wished it might be a flirt day for me but yea poor me. Hha
anyway thanks k belanja n_n Appreciated!

my mom and brother keep asking why it takes so short time?
so so so short. dummy again -.-'
honestly, this is my first date with him. kinda speechless.
hottest relationship in sth. and oh gosh i'm shy.

me speechless and so do him.
he keeps looking outside and not looking to my eyes.
how dare you wak oi? -.-'
and he told me " saya tak buleh jalan-2 tahun ni "
and i was like " oh ok saya tahu. awak spm "

seriously i felt arhhh NO LIKE ok? -.-
but it's ok. i still loving you <3

Sayang, i love you so much k :)

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