Saturday, January 1, 2011

two souls one heart

i hope you'll have a tiny bit times for me to hear everything i want to tell you . maybe it sound ridiculous but whatever is it , i swear i love you .

i have read your blog . the reasons you leave me T_T

Sayang ,
baby minta maaf kalau before this baby treat bie macam tak pernah kisah pasal bie .
but baby betol - betol sayang bie .
pasal yg baby tulis dekat blog nih tuh ,
baby tanak people tgk bie nih lemah ,
lg pun semalam baru jek kita couple balik then you minta break lg ,
sedih lh kan ?
then bie pula kasi mcg kata yg sayang bie hilang for a while .
baby nih mmg tak baik untuk bie kan ?
baby selalu kongkong life bie kan ?
baby minta maaf tak bermaksud pun :[

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