Saturday, January 22, 2011

oh Naveen :(

hmm.... i am so sad..... truly sad..... i feel like crying because i cant take it.... i will miz u sooooooooo muuucccchhhh.... hmmm.... eventhough i see ur sweet smile,, there isnt full happiness,, still there is sadness.... hmmm,,, i dunno wat to say..... i jus feel like i cant leave u... but ur leaving me... :'( :(..... Everyday you're always in my mind... I will be thinking of you always in my heart... Whenever you smile, my heart will start to pump fast.. :) take care... ♥ ♥

How sweet is this my dear ;] i love you and gonna miss you after this. you're the sweetest guy i ever seen before. i l wish that we can be close together. i hope you'll be mine.  but there's too much difficulty right? and i know that you'll always love me. tsk tsk. muah muah.

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