Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Got you baby

LUKISAN KEJURUTERAAN is in my hand , Got you baby !
my classmate ? is about 33 people .
not too much compare to ST , they have 45 people .
Haha macam sadin lh korang XD
but for sure , budak elit semua dekat kelas tuh
so mesti ada yg keluar ke SBP and MRSM , kan kan ?
btw , azu is sitting at ST class while me , LKJ :]
it's alright lh , just next to him class .
and the silly thing is Aten , Rose and Dekya is in the same class , ST .
take care of my Azu okay ?

speak Malay lh :|
tadi kan two times nama i kene sebut dengan teacher .
First about our last year programes ,
and the second one is Cikgu Azman said i'm crying because separating with my lesbo .
Haha nonsense , :}
i just a little little tiny bit sad .

Bye !

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