Saturday, January 29, 2011

21 Days In 4 Al - Jauzi

I miss my classmates. Tsk tsk.
Especially my truly troubling best buddy.
Moments in chemis lab, i just can't forget it.
The way, you guys shouted my name " Fatna Fatna "
Moments in lk room, i just miss it.
The way, sufi - alan - abin laughing out loud at my attitude.
The way sufi said " Fatna gedik lh nak merajuk "
The way azlan not in mood, i draw a water boy in his note book. He smiled.
The way abin poke me, " Hi awak"
The way paan said, " Eh Fatna cepat lh pindaa "
The way Haziq said, " Bapak dia, kecoh betol budak ni "
Moments in class, i just truly love the situation.
The way you boys bullied me.
The way you girls laughed at me.
The way i cried in class.
The way you guys keep asking for homeworks in bm class.
In History class, our sir cane our hand when we're not doing History note.
In Bahasa Malayu class, from scared mood to LOL mood.
In English class, teacher rarely teaching.
In Pendidikan Agama Islam class, we mostly felt asleep.
In Mathematics class, i'm so blur. Straight study haa?
In Add Math class, keep asking teacher but still don't get it.
In Biology class, rushing doing all the homeworks.
In Chemistry class, oh i miss my table group.
In Physics class, alan you're wanted in this class, right?
And in LKJ class, non stop making a noise!
The way you guys said, " Eh Fatna kau pindah ea? "
And now yea, i'm leaving.
I love you guys.

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