Monday, December 6, 2010

kemas bilik BUAHAHA XD

Assalamualaikum Haha :DD Heyyyy peeps ! jadi apa cerita harini ? Foa , terima kasih kpd followers saya yg rajin menfollow blog saya yg buruk plus hodoh plus plus yg seangkatan dgnnya ye . so today ? yeahhh i'm not feeling well . my body was pain and my head was spinning around and i felt like erghhhhh i can't stand babyyy :[ i told to him and he was so worry about me but yeah yeah yeah bie , i'm fine okayyy ? woke up late . HAHA :DD then my mummy ask me to rush washing dishessssss so that it mean i got 1 ringgit for today BUAHAHA XD cruel daughter ! Haha don't mind lah . My family and i went to Lok Heng for a wedding invitation . The food was not so good but i don't mind maybe . Seriously , HUNGRYYYYY -______-' I met my father worker call bla3 i don't know . His daughter was so so so freakin cute ! Her name is Sarah :] oooh how cute you are babyyy ! We go to econsave to bought some kitchen's stuff . And that's all maybe for today . Btw , i'm fine from my fever now . Thanks god :']

So tomorrow my big brother will come back home . Heee loikeee :* Ohh along , sent me to Jusco please please . I have a plan for this Wednesday . Hoping that it be my second fairytale dayyyy :D HIHI Heyyy along you know kan ? Paham - paham je lahhhh Haha :B 

Lately , i got no idea to bebel-ing at my blogger ! :[ but seriously , I REALLY WANT TO UPDATE !!

* kemas bilik BUAHAHA XD

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