Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i love him :]

saya rindu FATIN NABILA saya yang banyak cakap 
dgn otaknya yangg agak kurang vitamin,

Haha i was reading this cute and jerk confession from my bitch :* HIHI i love you bebehhh Nur Fatin Ezzati :DD She's my little cute girl with her chubby cheek !

err actually today was not so good -___-' i wish i could have a fairytale story with my ehem ehem but hmmmmmm :[ i miss him and i really miss him but i don't know how to let him know about that . honestly , i am wishing that every time i call him he might give me some big big banana smile . maybe some goody jokes or maybe some romantic things ? maybe . yeah but he just as simple as him . maybe i must accept him as want he are . yeah i hope i can . :|

for sure his my everything . i love him :]

my rainbow for today is Siti Rodziah HIHI :DD thanks for making me smile and non-stop doing a bad thing and telling you without feeling embarrassing BUAHAHA XD