Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm feeling like crying now . hukhuk . guess what this year gonna end in few days . i'm not ready to lost this year . it mean so much . even there is to much pain . even every single day i'm crying at the midnight looking for myself . haihh . life must go on right ? sometimes in my mind it is okay but in reality it is wrong and useless ! haha . i did so many wrongs this year . being such a cruel for myself being selfish and so bla3 . is it my world ? or maybe i'm forget the real world ? haihhhh . i'm being such a naughty girl and just wanna have fun with my own lifestyle . it is bad ! i repeat it , IT IS BAD DUDE !! hmm do not follow your bad heart because it might bring you to bad bad bad world . i'm feeling goodless right now . this year i have met many nostalgic things , friends , heart broken , new school , rules and statement , heart breaker , love and a lot baby .

Mohd Shahidan Bin Mohd Yahya :D i have something to tell you . Hihi . you know what ! you're the best buddy i ever had . you keep introducing me with a name of smile and laugh of course . you always there for me . Haha sorry for lost contacting . honestly , when i'm feeling like crying you're the first person i want to share with . after listening to you i feel yes okay ! Haha . thanks for making me smile every day and night . thanks for the stupid jokes . thanks for the advises . thanks for everything lhh . for me our friendship is everything . i love you best buddy forever :D
Haha . i'm yes okay ! okay now my super duper idiot ques is about what the meaning of TRUE LOVE ? is it real or it just a stupid dream when you get couple with somebody . why should you love somebody but the end you really sure the you never gonna be with him / her . it stupid ! and so much pain i think == love make peeps crying like hell . what the _____ . it really confusing me right now . i want my true love my prince charming Hihi ^^ with endless story . it must be so so so sweet . awww * love somebody and get love from somebody .

Mohd Azuwan Bin Mohd Nor , you're my love story Haha . happy for that . err syg , i am sorry for everything i did for . i am not a good gf for you . i like being such a disturber . troubling yourself in my problems . making you feel so annoying with me . is it feeling like hell ? are you really love me ? yeahhh . i trust you . i know and so sure about your heart for me . but hunny , i'm sorry for doing many bad things to you . if you're a girl like me , a stupid girl like me you must be crying all day night , maybe , right ? forget it .
and you , my heart breaker . thanks for everything . you're jerk for taking my heart and break it . stupid dude !

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