Friday, July 30, 2010


Mister A,
this morning. I met you at 3krk2. Ketam hold my hand to you and i just smile :) Then, i sat next to you and you gave me a choc bun. I said " Tape. Awak kan kuat makan." He reply " Tape. Tengok tengah makan juga nii" I put away the bun and just keep my mouth shut. I asked Rodziah to enter the class with me but she do not want to. She keep talking with Wani and Shakira. Hence, i have my day-dreaming. I looked at you but you didnt give me any react. Suddenly, i ate the bun. Imran and Ketam is running around the class. Ketam punch him and laugh extreamly. I walked to Roz, Wani and Shakira and said " Sengal betol. Haha " I enter the class back and said to my sweetheart " Tade pape kan. Dah jumpa dah nii. Saya balik lahh ea. " Actually, im sad. I stand up and you said " Bye. Love you " and i just smile and said slowly without looking at you " Love you too ". Pngah and i keep punch up. He keep shouted rudely to me. At class, i punch Pngah with all my heart at his chest. I quickly ran and he chase after me. In the same time, Roz keep cried because she missed Nole. Pity her. Aten hugged her. Seriously, i want to! I said to her " Give me a hug please " She cried and hugged me. I shake up my body. Wani laugh, followed by Roz :D Arab class, Ustazah Rohana gave us homeworks. Aten, Roz and I sat near to Ustazah. We read and search the meaning that we do not know. We keep playing with the words until the story change. Ustazah said " Hm. Lantak awak lah " Aten, Roz, Mirah, Nisak, Wani and I laughter. So do Ustazah. The end. P/s : My English is getting bad lately. Haha